People vs Sandiganbayan & Castillo

August 15, 2018 | Author: Anonymous ET0XszFmYj | Category: Crime & Justice, Crimes, Public Law, Social Institutions, Society
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PEOPLE VS SANDIGANBAYAN & CASTILLO G.R. No. 160619, September 09, 2015 FACTS: Castil Castillo lo was was electe elected d mayor mayor of the !"ici !"icipal pality ity of  #aco #acoor or,, Ca$i Ca$ite te i" the the ay ay 199% 199% elec electi tio" o"s. s. &" September 19, 2000, a" '"formatio" was (led a)ai"st Castillo char)i") him with $iolatio" of Sectio" *+e of  Rep!blic -ct +R- No. *019,* i" relatio" to the alle)ed ille)al ille)al operat operatio" io" of the illa illa /spera /spera"a "a d!mpsi d!mpsite te loca locate ted d i" Ca$i Ca$ite te.. -cco -ccord rdi" i") ) to the the '"fo '"form rmat atio io", ", Cast Castill illo, o, while while i" the the perf perfor orma ma"c "ce e of his his oci ocial al f!"ct f!"ctio" io"s s as ayor ayor of #acoor #acoor,, )a$e )a$e !"war !"warra" ra"ted ted be"e(ts to his coacc!sed ele"cio a"d /mere"cia"o -rcia -rcia)a )a by allowi allowi") ") the latter latter to operat operate e the illa /spera"a d!mpsite with itho!t the re3!isi isite /"$iro /"$iro"me "me"ta "tall Complia Complia"ce "ce Certi( Certi(cat cate e +/CC +/CC a"d permit permit from from the /"$iro"me" /"$iro"me"tal tal a"a)eme"t a"a)eme"t #!rea! +/#. -" admi"istrati$e complai"t for Simple isco"d!ct had pre$io!sly bee" (led a)ai"st Castillo also i" relatio" to the ille)al operatio" of the d!mpsite. 4he &ce of the &mb!dsma" fo!"d Castillo )!ilty of the admi"istrati$e char)e a"d imposed the pe"alty of o"e +1 mo"th a"d o"e +1 day s!spe"sio". &" appeal, the Co!rt of -ppeals set aside the decisio" of the &ce of the &mb!dsm &mb!dsma" a" a"d ordere ordered d the dismis dismissa sall of the the admi"i admi"istr strat ati$e i$e compla complai"t i"t a)ai"s a)ai"stt Castillo. Castillo. 4he Co!rt Co!rt of -ppeals held Castillo did "ot $iolate the /NR "otice which was iss!ed way bac7 i" 199% yet, or before his act!al ass!mptio" of oce. -fter arrai)"me"t a"d pretrial, Castillo, o" -!)!st 21, 2001 2001,, (led (led with with the the Sa"d Sa"di) i)a" a"ba baya ya" " a oti otio" o" to ismiss or 4ermi"ate 8roceedi")s. e ar)!ed that the case a)ai"st him had bee" decrimi"alied by Sectio" *: of Rep!blic -ct No. 900*% a"d i"$o7ed the decisio" of the Co!rt of -ppeals absol$i") him of admi"istrati$e liabi liabilit lity y. is moti motio" o" was was i"it i"itia ially lly de"i de"ied ed by the the Sa"di)a"ba Sa"di)a"baya" ya" i" a Resol!t Resol!tio" io" dated dated September September 6, 2001. •

&" September 21, 2001, Castillo (led a S!ppleme"tal otio" to ;!ash the '"formatio" o" the )ro!"d that the same does "ot char)e a" o
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